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Are you an insider and in need of high-quality vinyl record?

Do you have no experience and want to make your own customised vinyl?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We have been making your customised vinyl since 2005.

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You can create your own customised vinyl in just a few steps and with the highest quality.

What do you need? just your music (audio files) and images (if you want printed parts as cover, label…)

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Since 2005 we produce your vinyl in single copy with the latest technology and the highest quality. All vinyl records format are available in black, coloured (black, transparent, white, transparent red, transparent blue, transparent green) or picture disc. High-quality print of covers and labels.

Vinilificio’s audio transfer studio is unique. It is equipped with 4 audio transfer systems:

Vinilificio’s vinyls are particularly suitable for heavy uses such as scratching and backspin. They are also excellent for hi-fi stereo, portable record player and jukebox listening. The sound quality and wear are identical to standard records.


The new Vinilificio web app allows you to create your customised vinyl record in all its parts in a simple and intuitive way. It is designed to meet the needs of experienced users and those approaching the world of vinyl record for the first time.

Single copy and small run

Make your vinyl record

We can make your vinyl in a single copy, limited units (max 9 pieces) or small runs (from 10 to 50 pieces). With the Vinilificio app you can calculate the cost of your order (max 9 pieces for each album), simulate your vinyl, upload the audio, create your own artwork and place your order.

Processing time

Processing and shipping times are calculated from the date of payment and depend on the quantity ordered, the duration of the disc, whether or not there are printed covers, and the order launch period,

Processing times currently vary between 20 and 50 working days (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays excluded). The expected shipping date will be communicated by email within one working day after receipt of order.

Manufacturing vinyl is a highly crafted job that requires time, attention and extreme care. We do our best to meet the needs of each customer, but please consider that manufacturing good vinyl records needs time. If you have special needs do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom print cover and label

We print single copies (or small runs) of labels, covers (300 g art print), inner sleeves, inlay, for single, double, single-cover or gatefold vinyl in all formats.

Our covers are made with the best printing technologies and can be finished glossy or matt, cut and die-cut with digital plotters. You can create your own graphics using the designer - Vinilificio Web App or with graphics programmes using our templates.

For more information contact us.


Formats supported by the Vinilificio Web App designer: png, jpg, gif

Formats supported by the Vinilificio Web App uploader: pdf (using our templates)

Resolution: 300 dpi (at least)

Method: CMYK

Contact us if you would like to create your graphics directly on our templates

Please note:

1) Fonts: Rasterize or render traced

2) For a better rendering of print colours we recommend the Fogra 39 colour profile


How much does it cost to record a vinyl?

Recording music on vinyl requires sophisticated equipment, in-depth technical knowledge, materials and above all attention, care and time.
For example, to cut a 30-minute record, it takes between 40 minutes and an hour. That is 30 minutes for cutting (equal to the duration of the master) and between 10 and 30 minutes for set-up (depending on the condition of the master and the colour of the vinyl).
The costs for engraving vary between € 20.00 and € 90.00 depending on the size of the vinyl, colour and duration (minutes) of the master.

How much music can you record on vinyl?

The amount of music engraved onto each side of a vinyl disc determines the volume of the recorded signal.

The groove of the vinyl record takes up more space when engraved at high volume, while it takes up less space when etched at low volume.

(-) each side = (+) volume

(+) each side = (-) volume

The best quality-quantity proportion is:

Quality-quantity ratio for 12″ 33 rpm:

Standard formats

infographic vinili formati standard

Special formats

infographic vinili formati standard

Audio files and important advice

More or less any kind of audio signal can be recorded on vinyl. To obtain good quality, however, it is advisable to follow a few important guidelines.

Remember that the better the quality of the master, the better the quality of the audio recorded on vinyl. We always recommend appropriate mastering for vinyl.

We accept any type of digital audio format. wav, aiff, mp3…

For best performance we strongly recommend .wav or .aiff format.

If you really want to transfer on vinyl compressed files formats such as mp3, do not convert them to any other file format.

Low freqeunces:

High frequences:

Do you want to know more?

Look here at Rand Muzik specifications.

Know nothing about audio mastering and don’t know what to do?

We can take care of your mastering. Contact us for information or look here

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