Vinyl record in single copy and dublate


Since 2005, Vinilificio has been transferring your music onto single copies of authentic vinyl records at 33, 45, and 78 rpm, in different formats, and on black, transparent and picture discs. Quality, high volume, stable and deep grooves, stereo and mono. Vinilificio’s vinyls are particularly suitable for heavy uses such as scratching and backspin. They are also excellent for hi-fi stereo, portable record player and jukebox listening. The sound quality and wear are identical to standard records. Vinyls are available in 5”, 7”,10” and 12” formats on black, transparent and picture disc.

Single copy and small run

We can make your vinyl in a single copy, limited units or small runs. With the Vinilificio app you can calculate the cost of your order, simulate your vinyl, upload the audio, create your own artwork and place your order.

Custom print cover and label

We print single copy (or small run) labels and covers in all formats, for single, double or triple vinyl records, single pocket or gatefold vinyl. Have fun with the Vinilificio App, easily create your own graphic design and order your vinyl. If you are familiar with design, ask for specifications and templates to create your cover and label.


How much music can you record on vinyl?

The amount of music engraved onto each side of a vinyl disc determines the volume of the recorded signal.

The groove of the vinyl record takes up more space when engraved at high volume, while it takes up less space when etched at low volume.

(-) each side = (+) volume

(+) each side = (-) volume

The best quality-quantity proportion is:

Quality-quantity ratio for 12″ 33 rpm:

Standard formats

infographic vinili formati standard

Special formats

infographic vinili formati standard

Audio files and important advice

You can record more or less any type of audio signal on vinyl. However, to ensure high quality, we suggest following these important indications.

Remember that the better the quality of the audio master, the better the quality of the vinyl engraving will be.

We can transfer any audio file i.e. wav, aiff, flac, mp3 etc. on vinyl.

Low freqeunces:

High frequences:

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