The perfect gift

A custom vinyl record with your music and made especially for you by a calligraphy artist both in the cover and label graphics.

How to do it? It is very easy, take a look here.


Gift Card

Would you like to give a personalised vinyl gift and you don’t have the material, or have you arrived at the last moment and can’t get your vinyl in time?
The Vinilificio Gift Card is just what you need.
The lucky person who receives the Vinilificio Gift Card will be able to make his own custom vinyl with his own audio and graphic content.
Give the gift card in electronic format with your name, surname and dedication

or with a surcharge of only € 22,00 (including shipping costs) we will send you the exclusive gift card on a black 5” pocket vinyl with personalized center labels with name, surname and dedication.

To make your Vinilificio Gift Card

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