Vinilificio was established in Bologna in 2005 by Cristian Adamo and is the first company to produce fully customized single-copy vinyl records.

Vinilificio makes it possible for anyone to have his or her own music pressed onto a customized vinyl record.

Vinilificio customers are predominantly :

Vinilificio provides a full line of customized vinyl products (graphic art, covers, labels) and makes an ideal prize or gift for important dates, celebrations and moments.

Our vinyl audio transfer studio is equipped with:

Vinilificio is the undisputed leader in the Italian market and is one of the top brands in Europe.

Since 2008, Vinilificio, in partnership with Rand Muzik, has provided record pressing services in small, medium and large quantities. Our company values are quality and customer satisfaction. Driven by our continuous commitment, passion and dedication to keeping up with the latest technological developments, we strive to exceed customer expectations.

Vinilificio actively supports and is a partner of a number of cultural/musical events, including IDA WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIP, ORIGINAL CULTURES and others.

Something about Vinilficio:


Last but not least… Vinilifcio is against all fascism, racism and all kinds of discrimination. We are against all wars and all forms of violence and oppression.



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