Vinilificio and Musicraiser joint forces for your vinyl music project

vinilificio e musicraiser


Want to print your vinyl but you don’t have the funds? Vinilificio and Musicraiser have teamed up to make it possible! Musicraiser is the leading crowdfunding in Italy, with over 1,200 projects funded and four and a half million euros transacted and paid to artists and creators. Vinilifico, the official dealer of Rand Muzik, is the service leader in the production of single-copy vinyl, short runs and print quantities. Thanks to the partnership between Vinilificio and Musicraiser, you can start a campaign to fund your musical project and receive a discount of 5% on vinyl printing! You can launch a campaign to make a record, a tour, or a set to promote your vinyl. If you reach the minimum amount to cover the cost of printing, you can make your vinyl without risk!

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